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Being A Diciple of Messiah by Kevin Geoffrey


More than just a Messianic Bible Study, this book digs deep down into your innermost being to discover the disciple in you. As believers in Messiah, we are called to practically and actually live our lives like the Master. But many times it is a daily struggle for us to walk in the ways we know we should go. "Being a Disciple of Messiah" will help strengthen and build you up for a greater, more effective walk in Yeshua. Contains eight two-week sessions on topics including: being a disciple, counting the cost, making disciples, leading a holy life, being a person of integrity, persevering through trials, living by the Word, and walking in the Spirit. Prepare your heart for a soul-searching journey that will reveal who you truly are in Messiah, that you may know the abundance and joy of living the Messianic life. The Messianic Life Discipleship Series is intended for small group, one-on-one discipleship, or individual use. Presented from a Messianic Jewish perspective, each volume is a unique tool designed to help both new and seasoned believers alike to live a mature, fruitful life for Messiah. Based firmly in Scripture, these resources encourage transparent interaction for the purpose of changing lives. The Messianic Life Discipleship Series will continually challenge and inspire you to become more like the Master every day. Join Messianic Jewish teacher and author Kevin Geoffrey as he exhorts Messianic believers to live a life completely "sold-out" to Yeshua!

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