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Christianity New Religion or Sect of Biblical Judaism by Robert & Remy Koch


This book is for Jews and Gentiles who are not afraid to take a hard look at the roots of religious doctrines that separate Judaism from Christianity and judge them against the words of the Bible. If you are willing to smash doctrinal and traditional icons erected to protect institutional dogmas, read on. " While no one is expected to agree with everyone else's opinion, this sincere effort to restore things - historically and theologically in perspective - qualifies this book to be on every bookshelf. Valuable information for all study levels. I'm impressed." Mike Moshe Nangle, PhD.,ThD. "Firstly, may I say your book is a wonderful, nay masterful, piece of work, combining history, theology and polemics all in one. As an ex-student of theology, I'd say it is one of the most brilliant pieces of writing on theological studies I have ever come across. This book is hard to put down. Cogently written, beautifully explained." Darius Stransky

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