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Birthing Eternity by Jane Cody


Are we living in what the Bible calls the Last Days? It feels like it, but how can you know for certain? What if everything you have been taught about the End Times is wrong? What if the doctrines of well-meaning theologians who lived in a day before planes, trains, and automobiles, before phones, TVs, and satellite communications, are as helpful as the understanding of an elephant provided by the four proverbial blind men? Based on their limited knowledge, gleaned from what their hands have touched, they proclaim an elephant is like a rope, a snake, a tree, a fan. With the clarity of sight, we know none of these accurately describes an elephant!


Birthing Eternity makes a compelling case to take off your theological blindfolds and examine the elephant standing before you. By tracing the correlation between documented history and the biblical prophecy, Birthing Eternity will give you answers that are both unexpected and profound. Find out how God has fulfilled His Word in astounding detail and gain critical insight about current events that are on everyone's mind in this unsettled and challenging time.


Birthing Eternity makes the Last Days easy to understand. It is proof that the message of End Times Scripture does not require top-secret information, prophetic visions, or a degree in theology. It is simply a matter of connecting the dots between what is plainly stated in Scripture and human events.


More than that, you will find assurance that the unfolding of Last Days events isn't something to be feared, but rather an exciting adventure. No matter what, there is hope for a bright future--including eternity.

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